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mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...,,mFine Art Oil Paintings by Penny Simmons

My artist journey began in 1988 in Houston, TX where I took my first watercolor workshop from the esteemed watercolor artist, Polly Hammett.  My first paintings were drab and amateurish and using student grade materials left me discouraged with the results.  Determined to achieve mastery of the medium, I persevered.  I upgraded my materials and continued painting, taking workshops and improving my techniques.  In 2002 I applied for membership and was accepted into the Watercolor Society of Oregon.

In 2007 I attended the “Intensive Studies Seminar” in Taos, NM, a ten-day workshop dedicated to all artists, irrespective of medium.  Studying with some of America’s most celebrated and respected artists, Skip Lawrence, Fran Larsen, Katherine Liu, Alex Powers and Christopher Schink, this life-altering experience took my artwork to the next level. In June 2016 I met an oil painter who was hanging as a guest artist in Art DuJour Gallery in Medford, OR and it led me on a course different than any I could have imagined. 


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After twenty-five years as a devoted watercolor artist, I felt compelled to try oil painting.I dove into oil painting as though my life depended on it, researching, reading and painting every day.  I was hooked.   I now paint exclusively in oils and I’ve never looked back.

My mission was to learn the techniques of the Old Masters; the paintings of the Barbizon School painters of mid-19th century France; Jean-François Millet, Théodore Rousseau, and Charles-François Daubigny.  Their paintings, luminescent and smooth were achieved with thinly applied layers of paint and medium resulting in translucency and depth.   Their work continues to inspire me.
 My goal as an interpretive artist is to breathe life onto a one-dimensional surface so that my paintings evoke nostalgia and romance; record memories, the cycles of life, and the many moods of nature.

I am a member of Watercolor Society of Oregon, an Associate member of both the American Watercolor and National Watercolor Societies, the Rogue Gallery and Art Center of Medford and Oil Painters of America.   I am currently hanging my work in Art & Soul Gallery in Ashland, OR.


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