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As a child I spent hours on the sun-porch of my parent’s house playing with my watercolor pan paints and brushes. Dipping the tip of my watercolor brush into the pan of paints and, while barely touching the rim of the glass, I dropped the paint into the water and watched the colors flow together, down the sides and to the bottom like a magic rock garden. I was mesmerized and although I didn’t know it at the time, I was practicing what was to become my life’s passion; Watercolors.

I was born in up state New York and spent most of my time avoiding the pragmatics of life so I could draw and paint. In high school I designed my class yearbook cover, created illustrations for my English class Shakespearian studies, joined the art club, and spent every available study hour in the art room.

After graduation I attended business school in Binghamton, NY and studied and created artworks at night. My career has taken me on an amazing journey from New York to Florida, Texas, California and Oregon.  I met and married my husband in San Antonio and later we moved to Houston where I took my first professionally taught watercolor course from the esteemed Polly Hammett. That experience hooked me on the medium of watercolor.

In 1997 my husband took a job working at Harry and David in Medford, Oregon. I was so inspired by the beauty of the Pacific Northwest that I felt compelled to take more watercolor courses. Anne Brooke, Doddie Hamilton, and Judy Morris were among my tutors. Thus began the development of my ever-evolving style, which is sometimes as elusive as sunshine in an Oregon winter.

In 2007 in a ten day “Intensive Studies Seminar” in Taos, NM, I studied with some of the country’s most celebrated and respected artists; Skip Lawrence, Fran Larsen, Katherine Liu, Alex Powers, and Christopher Schink, which was a life altering experience that took my work to the next level. 

We have settled into a retired lifestyle in Medford and are enjoying retirement where I continue to paint while taking care of our house, garden and our three pets.

I am a member of the Oregon Watercolor Society, and an Associate member of both the American and National Watercolor Society’s.

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