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I was born and raised in upstate New York.  While I had my eye on art school, my practical and foresighted parents had business school in mind for me.  I worked in corporate America as an Administrative Assistant for many years.  Marriage landed me in Dallas, TX, where I worked, first for the CFO of Neiman Marcus at their flagship store in downtown Dallas, and ultimately for Lawrence Marcus.

. As is true for so many aspiring artists, life gets in the way of our dreams and so it wasn’t until my family was grown that I had time to dedicate to my love of art.

I took my first watercolor workshop from the esteemed watercolor artist, Polly Hammett, in Houston.  Although I loved her work and admired what other watercolors artists were

doing, my paintings were boring and amateurish looking.  As a beginner, I was using student grade materials which left me discouraged and frustrated.   I upgraded my paper, brushes and paint and continued with my watercolor studies, determined to master what seemed to me an elusive medium.

We moved to Medford in 1997 and I was so intoxicated with the beauty of the Pacific Northwest I became more determined to conquer watercolor.  Workshops from Anne Brooke, Dodie Hamilton, and Judy Morris began the development of my ever-evolving watercolor style.

In 2000 my husband was hired by the Mill Casino, in Coos Bay, OR, to install their computer systems, so we moved to North Bend.  I continued painting and joined the Bay Area Artists Association.  My paintings were hanging in the Second Street Gallery in Bandon and the Cottonwood Studios Gallery in Coos Bay.  I had entered competitions and was winning ribbons, so in 2001 I felt competent to apply for membership, and was accepted into the Watercolor Society of Oregon.

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In 2007 I attended a 10-day “Intensive Studies Seminar” in Taos, NM, where I studied with some of America’s most respected artists, including Skip Lawrence, Fran Larsen, Katherine Liu, Alex Powers, and Christopher Schink.  This life-altering experience took my work to the next level. 

Then, as unlikely as it seems, in 2016 I began painting in oils.  I became obsessed with learning the techniques of the old masters.  I am inspired by the paintings of the Barbizon School painters of mid-19th century France.  Although I am very much a fledgling oil painter my enthusiasm for the medium and early success is thrilling.

I now paint exclusively in oils and feel that the training and experience I gained as a watercolorist definitely contributes to the artist I have become.

As a member of Art DuJour Gallery in Medford, I served as Co-Director, responsible for recruiting artists for the gallery Salon.  Currently, I am a member of Watercolor Society of Oregon, an Associate member of both the American Watercolor and National Watercolor Societies and the Rogue Gallery and Art Center of Medford.

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